WHY DO I NEED TO CHAT SAFELY? At Kerala Chat we try our hardest to keep all our chatters as safe as possible, but obviously you have to join in as well! Below we have written what we believe to be the best safety tips around.

PERSONAL INFORMATION While chatting online, you can keep yourself as anonymous as you would like! Remember it is up to you how much you reveal about yourself! We advise to only give out your first name and no more than that, the reason for this is that second names can identify you. Also when stating a location, just specify the general area, so don’t mention the town or city you live in, perhaps just the area of the country. Giving out your personal e-mail address is not recommended but if you wish to stay in contact with chatters through e-mail we suggest you create another e-mail account and use this one for your chatting needs. Under no circumstances should you give out information such as where you work, your telephone number or your home address, this is strictly forbidden on the server for your safety more than anything else.

I THINK I KNOW THE CHATTER WELL No matter how well you think you know the chatter you should still never give out personal information. If you choose to meet them, make sure you go with someone else and meet in a public place where there will be lots of other people around. Remember that you don’t really know this person, so you may think you know them well, where in fact they could of lied about everything they told you. Some people make money out of conning people and have it as their career!

LINKS PASTED INTO THE CHAT Some people will paste links to other websites within the chat rooms and in your personal chats. We advise that you do not click these links unless they are to well known websites such as social networking ones. Some sites can take you to places where they will try and scam you out of money or try and put viruses onto your computer!

IF I FEEL THREATENED, WHAT DO I DO? If you feel threatened by a chatter at any point during your stay at our chat rooms, please visit the #Help room where a member of our experienced staff will deal with you. There are many reasons why you may feel threatened, you may also think its stupid to take it to such a high level, but don’t worry, no matter how big or small the issue is, we will resolve it for you!

If a chatter is pestering you and is persistently trying to get personal information out, please come tell us, we will warn this user and remove them if necessary, remember no matter how hard they push you, NEVER give out any personal information to anyone.

If a Link is pasted into the main room and in a private chat with you, and you have clicked on it and have found it to be a link to a scamming site please come tell us and we shall remove this user, remember we still advise you NOT to click on links given out, unless its given from a trusted source such as a chat administrator or member of staff.

If you are chatting to someone privately and they have given out an age that does not fit the room that you are in, please report this to a room moderator who shall remove them immediately, if the person in question is older and is requesting vile things, please report this to #Help staff and they will deal with the situation

** Paedophiles are not tolerated on this site, anybody found to be one will be removed and have their logs and IP address surrendered to the correct authorities who will be able to locate YOU


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