WHY WE HAVE RULES While in our chat rooms we ask that you obey by a few simple rules! This is to make the chatting experience enjoyable for all. Never think that you are different from anybody else, no one is immune to the rules. If you spot any of the rules being broken and in the rare case of the room not having a moderator in it please visit #Help.

FLOODING THE ROOMS Flooding the rooms is such as constantly typing nonsense in the room or repeating text over and over again in a short period of time. This also counts as playing an excessive amount of sounds or using a lot of emotions in one go. This is not permitted as no one else can talk if the room is being flooded, making the chat less enjoyable.

PERSONAL INFORMATION Under no circumstances should you give out personal information such as your address, telephone number of anything else that could uniquely identify YOU. This is for YOUR chat safety more than anything else, remember you have never met these people in the rooms so they may not be who you think.

LINKS AND EMAIL ADDRESSES If a link is posted in the main room or in a private chat, you are clicking this at your own risk! Remember once you are outside of the chat server we have no control of the content on these webpages, they could be scams or viruses that infect your computer. Obviously some links are fine to click, such as well known sites like Myspace and photobox. If you wish to keep in contact with other chatters through e-mail we recommend you create yourself a completely new e-mail address just for your chatting friends, that way if you fall out with one of them and they decide to spam your mail inbox, this will not affect your day to day e-mail. Spamming your own personal websites is not permitted, this includes trying to gain extra traffic. If you are found to be spamming another website or another chat site, you will be removed from the server.

ABUSE While in our rooms do not bully or abuse other chatters as this will ruin their chatting experience. If you don’t agree with someone’s views, just ignore them. If you are being bullied or abused please report this to a room moderator and they will sort the problem out for you.

IMITATING STAFF Do not try to pass yourself off as a moderator or administrator to try and get gain trust from other members, in order to get personal information from them. This includes having nicknames that are close to a member of staff

HEATED CHATS If you find that you are in the middle of a conversation that you know will get you into trouble, walk away from it, either put the other members of the conversation on ignore or leave the room. Carrying on the conversation or argument after a moderator has asked you to stop will likely result in a quiet in the room or even a ban!

WHAT IF I BREAK THE RULES? If you break the rules some action will be taken against YOU. Depending on the severity of your offence, if it is something annoying such as text flooding or constantly using caps you are likely to be quieted in the main room. If it is abusing another chatter you are likely to be banned from the room in question.

More serious offences such as impersonating a member of staff or spamming your website here will result in you being banned from the whole of the server

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